How to Prevent for Pollution in Delhi and NCR


There are various ways you can protect yourself and your family from the severe level of pollution in Delhi and NCR or any area.

1. Get a Mask :

Get an alteast N95 mask to prevent from breathe PM 2.5 : More Details

2. Air Purifiers:

As we are spending 8 to 12 hours a day at home if we are working and for elders, kids and non working ones these days are spending most of time home. It really make sense to have Air Purifiers at home to at least have clean air at home.

There are list of options available in market : List with the Details

3. Air Purifying Plants

There are 5 Plants you can plant at home which can really clear air pollutants from home. There are number plants which is usually and easily available such as Tulsi, PALM, Money Plant Read the complete list


4. Avoid the travelling during Peak hours.

Try to travel through green areas as much as possible

5. Stop Smoking

We are already inhaling a lot of smoke 20 – 40 cigarettes a day, as per the current situation. Why to increase the pollution for ourselves and others.